Time magazine called it “the best show on television, not just the best science-fiction show”. It pulled in more adults (and more women) than any more typical space opera. And yet there remain people who have never seen an episode because they find the name off-putting. This is their loss, because the 2003-2009 Battlestar Galactica in every way transcends not just its juvenile 1978 source but the sci-fi genre itself. Fans include telly addicts Joss Whedon, himself a genre-buster of distinction, who said, “It’s so passionate, textured, complex, subversive and challenging that it dwarfs everything on TV” and Stephen King, who called it “Beautifully written … and [there’s] not a better acting troupe at work on television.”
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I’ll tell you who the monsters are!
                                The people outside this tent.

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‘Dame Keeley…? I can’t quite hear a copper calling me that.’

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the further adventures of gillian anderson, beautiful naïve sophisticated newborn baby


(learned from pointless and endless watching of any youtube videos in which she speaks at all)

  • at the 20th anniversary san diego comic con x-files panel, she made a comment on the fact that ‘wasn’t there a sex scene that we filmed that never aired? am i remembering that correctly?’ it was meant to be a sarcastic joke, and david and chris laughed, but the panel continued past it with no further remarks so a truly alarming number of people took it very, very seriously, as is understandable in these matters. gillian was then required to go on record and amend her statement, clarifying that they’d never filmed a sex scene, she’s just a trolling asshole whose jokes never work out the way she wants them to.
  • while on the x-files, there was a rubber dead body she was ‘slicing and dicing’ (because she can’t seem to remember the words ‘doing an autopsy’) that was the first one to have come her way on the show that was ‘endowed’. she was overtly mesmerized by the fine craftsmanship of this rubber penis, apparently, enough so that the crew… gave her one as a memento. and then gillian anderson kept it in displayed her home for years under a bell jar, until she couldn’t do that anymore because it ‘wasn’t appropriate,’ at which point she wrapped it in tinfoil (?) and stuck it in a drawer. but wait, you may have guessed it, she was packing for a move and her housekeeper found it. (goddamnit just watch this segment of this video i cannot possibly replicate her telling of this story)
  • she likes to do her own stunts whenever possible so during the filming of some robot movie she was in this stunt guy was supposed to kick her in the face and when he did it he kicked off half her eyelashes somehow. like his boot ripped them out or whatever. and she didn’t realize until she went to makeup for touch-ups.
  • she once geeked out upon passing famed uk snooker player ronnie o’sullivan in the hallway only because her 6-year-old had really gotten into pool so she was trying to help him learn it via youtube videos of ronnie o’sullivan and had spent the last 2 weeks with her kid watching him play snooker on the internet, so clearly, that was something to get really enthusiastic about. 
  • this is not really news but it never ceases to amuse me that she gets these t-shirts made for cons that say ‘cotr’ for ‘conversation on the rock’ (the one from quagmire, which, by the way, is not even a thing she remembers because this woman remembers like .5% of anything let alone the x-files, fans told her about its significance) and wears them for panels and then at the end of them auctions off these sweaty shirts that she’s been wearing for 2 days for one of her charities. i once saw one go for over $1000. 
  • she eats chili chocolate like a fucking demon.

Alicia Florrick - I’m not running 

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